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Winedesign-Interiors NEWS


Welcome to exceptionally remarkable interiors.

Interiors made of wood from old red wine barrels...

... in wine cellars, wineries hotel halls, bars and restaurants

... in gastronomy scene-locations

... everywhere, where exquisite interior with special note is wanted

... where a touch of extravagance, individuality and uniqueness is desired

... for business or in private


Wein-Design - wall decoration, hardwood floor, doors, furniture, decoration, accessories


Fascination with wine barrels.

Our aim is to evoke emotions and feelings. We look at something extraordinary that astonishes us. At the same time, we derive pleasure from it, it makes us happy! We are fascinated with it. That something extraordinary and unusual are floor, wall panellings, furniture and accessories made of wood from old wine barrels. Products of this noble oakwood render the interiors an unusual, exceptionally stylish ambience that is going to fascinate not only wine connoisseurs.


On our website we present you products and the first impressions regarding this exceptional art that gives a special character to the interiors.


Movie - the production of Wein-Design


From the wine cask to the finished product.

A Movie from the Bavarian-TV.  To the Movie.